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The cost of a massage is £40 for an hour's session and £50 for an hour and a half session. I don’t usually do less than half an hour’s massage which is £20. If I am able to travel, it is usually a double fee.


I do not have fixed rates as everything depends on length of stay and other components : Nor am I a luxury en-suite venue, but based at home. Prices start at £25 per person per night, and then go down according to length of stay and combination with classes/bodywork etc.

So please, just get in touch with me, letting me know what you would like to accomplish during your time with me and I will suggest a ‘deal’ whereby you get discounts for combining accommodation/massage etc.

Please note that I only have one double room for guests and can accommodate either one person on their own, or two sharing at any one time.

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